Gervon Dexter Sues to Nullify NIL Deal at Florida

September 12, 2023 | Videos

FL. Rep. Chip LaMarca, who proposed the initial NIL legislation back in 2020, described Dexter’s deal as a “predatory loan” and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Hearing about these types of deals makes me sick, but the truth of the matter is that kids are being taken advantage of every day. Dexter got lucky because his deal violated NIL law at the time of signing, but those guardrails put in place to protect student athletes are no longer there in FL today. Had this agreement been signed today, things wouldn’t be so cut and dry for Dexter. NIL is great, but there are people out there (as is always the case) trying to rig the system for their benefit, so be careful. #NIL #collegeathletes #collectives #attorneysofinstagram #nilattorney

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